August  20th, 2019

There is nightly discussions on 1900 starting around 7 pm till 8 pm 

Fall Hours: Net starts at 8:30, Please use Net Logger to follow or check in

Net Controllers as of 09/20/2019

Monday: AB4AM

Tuesday: WA9FDO

Wednesday: N3EIO

Thursday: KE8USA

 Friday  K3BM or K4DBK

Attention Newbies to the Net, 160 Meter starter kits are available from Rob AB4AM, supply is limited

Official Licensed starter kits from the 1900 group, comes complete with a specially modified AB4AM 160 meter antenna, a chicken , antenna grease and applicator. Everything you will need to get that big signal on 160 Meters. 






How to shoot up your coax while target practicing in the backyard the WI3F way.





"No Kings, No Queens, No Jacks, No Long-talkin' Old Washer Women" W2OY